SuperSpot Triple USB 20800mAh Power Bank

Amazing 20,800mAh capacity keeps your devices fully charged on the go With 20,800mAh available battery capacity, you can ensure your smartphone or tablet survives the day and beyond. Able to charge an iPhone 6 more than eight times and a Galaxy S6 six times, while a tablet can be charged 2-3 times, the Superspot makes keeping your devices fully charged easier than ever. Surf the web, check your email, send a text message and make a phone call in the secure knowledge that if your phone / tablet battery is low, you can boost the power with your trusty Superspot 20,800mAh Portable Power Bank.



Apps that require more juice to operate including graphically intensive games or those that use GPS are no longer an issue, so play and navigate for longer with this Power Bank.

3x USB ports to keep all of your devices charged

The Superspot 20,800mAh Power Bank features an impressive 3 USB ports built-in. This gives you the freedom to charge up to three devices at any one time, perfect for charging the kids tablet while your phones get a little top up at the same time.

2.1A output for fast charging

With the included cables or an existing USB charging cable, you can simply plug into the built-in 2.1A port to benefit from the 20,800mAh of additional battery capacity it provides. The 2.1A output delivers power to your device at an impressive rate so even larger devices such as phablets and tablets can charge quickly and smartphones can even charge while in use with heavy battery dependent apps, such as sat navs, games and internet browsing. With the two additional 1A ports you can also charge two other devices while you first charge the device that needs to the power most.

Freedom to charge your devices anywhere

The Superspot 20,800mAh Portable Power Bank provides you with the freedom to charge your USB devices anywhere. Connect the USB charging cable into the USB port and instantly begin charging your device. This is perfect if you're on the move or don't have access to a mains power source to charge your device, including camping holidays, commuting and music festivals.

To charge the device itself, simply plug in the provided USB to Micro USB cable and connect to a laptop or PC or use with a USB mains adapter.

LED display

The easy to read LED display makes viewing the remaining battery percent easier than ever. So you'll no longer need to worry about the Superspot running out of power when you least expect it.

3-in-1 cable included

Coming complete with a handy 3-in-1 charging cable, the Superspot covers you for almost any device imaginable. With an Apple Lightning, Apple 30-Pin and a Micro USB connector attached, this cable enables you to charge 90% of the most popular tablets and smartphones available today. But if your device isn't covered by one of these charging heads then fear not as you can simply use your own cable to charge via one of the three USB ports.

Built-in LED torch

Also included is a built-in LED torch that will light up should you find yourself in any dark dwellings or are unable to locate the place to insert your keys.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 168 x 86 x 23mm
  • Weight: 585g
  • Capacity: 20,800mAh
  • Input: 5V / 2A
  • Output: 5V / 2.1A, 5V / 1A (x2)
  • Cables included: 3-in-1 USB cable with Apple Lightning (8-pin), Apple 30-pin and Micro USB, Micro USB cable
Product specifications
Power Capacity 20,800mAh
Rated input 5V / 2A
Rated output: 5V / 2.1A, 5V / 1A (x2)
Features Cables included: 3-in-1 USB cable with Apple Lightning (8-pin), Apple 30-pin and Micro USB, Micro USB cable